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At JFC Food Consulting we aim at fulfilling your dreams - your one stop hub for all hospitality needs.

The JFC Food Consulting team has provided complete hospitality solutions to help all types of restaurants, hotels, resorts and even food courts, mobile food trucks and every issue that accompanies the hospitality industry. From opening to rescue, we cover it all. Each consultant has more than 12 years of experience and we have consultants that specialize in each area of concern. You name it we deliver, whether it is a restaurant solution, kitchen solution, Menu designing and implementation, manpower solution, marketing solution, Training programs to staff or anything related to hospitality sector.

JFC, Just For Change Food Consulting LLP flashed on the field of food & beverage business, like a thunder, with its progressive ideas, themes, excellent business opportunities and versatile hospitality solutions to be showered upon the esteemed clients. JFC, just for change, precisely as its name, enthusiastically reformed the food industry, transformed the eating habits of the citizens and is now setting a new trend by its unparalleled expertise.

You simply leave it to us; we will deliver with highest degree of honesty and sincerity.

Our Hospitality Services Includes

Restaurant solutions

Complete restaurant solutions.

Kitchen Solutions

Complete kitchen solutions without any hassle.

Man Power Solutions

We provide complete hospitality staff

Franchising Solutions

We offer various regional cuisines

Logistics & Controls

Our un-countable skills will meet all necessities of hospitality industry

Marketing Solutions

We take care of your marketing

Our Franchising Brands

Let us tell you about our team!

Our reputative staff helps you make your life simple and successful

Ravi Kumarr, CEO

Having excelled in hotel and tourism background, Ravi Kumarr helped clients address issues such as strategic positioning, business plan development, business modelling, forecasting, consumer products, business services and dispute resolution support. He sketched the themes after extensive research in the current scenario of food & beverage business. Being a voracious traveller and by his insatiable desire to explore the contemporary food & beverage lifestyle, Ravi Kumarr came up with few concepts which are now to delight the customers and clients as well. Prior to joining JFC, Ravi Kumarr worked for leading hospitality business schoolsboth in national and international, popular restaurant consulting companies India and abroad. He received a Gold medal in MBA (international finance) from Osmania University. India.

Satish Kumar, COO

Providence has gifted chef satish with a golden hand in exploring Indian spices. By setting an example of his unique techniques in food production, he aims to outshine Indian food as an evergreen cuisine. After working with well known hotel industries in India, he has entered JFC to mesmerize the foodies by his secret and traditional recipes which are tracked down from the corners of India.

Other Team

After showcasing their culinary brilliance in renowned chain of hotels, our chefs designed a traditional, authentic and fusion menu with their secret recipes which stimulates the tastebuds of all the foodies irrespective of their age. Their ideas are proved and never run out and are always successful in churning out an exotic dish.Restaurant managers of JFC thoroughly execute the operations according to the necessities.Architects, marketing & operation managers,auditors, nutritionists and solicitors associated with JFC proved their skills in their respective fields and provide their assistance round the clock,throughout the year

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